We provide a variety classes for every age and skill level. Scroll down to explore what we have to offer as well as this year's studio calendar.



This artisitc form of dance is a technique based genre that provides the basic foundation of body alignment and usage for movement.


Incorporates many of the technical elements from traditional ballet technique but through a more stylized way. It's upbeat, high energy, and full of fun.


Style of dance characterized by making sounds with ones feet through the use of tap shoes.  


This genre of dance is characterized by its focus on storytelling though the usage of a dancer's technique. Ballet supplement suggested.

Hip Hop

Style of dance born of the hip hop music culture that is defined by its heavy music influence, evolutionary ability, and street dance roots.


Street Jazz

Having its origins in social dance, this genre is a fusion of jazz and hip hop movement. It blends technical elements with the improvisational feel of hip hop.


Style of ballet where dancers use special shoes designed to allow for the dancer to dance on their toes. Class by placement only.

Preschool (2.5-4 years)

Class designed for our youngest of independent dancers that introduces ballet, tap, and creative movement. 

Combo (5-7 years)

This class is for the youngest of our elementary school age children. It includes ballet, tap, and jazz elements.


A performance style that combines gymnastic, flexibility, and balance skills. We prioritize strength building and safety in our classes.

Adult Classes

We offer adult dance classes here at PAD that are designed to provide a fun, yet challenging workout! These classes are for all adults 19 years of age or older. No dance experience or skill required!

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PADycakes (Mommy & Toddler Class)

This class is designed for toddlers ages 18 months through 2.5 years and their Moms.

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POP UP Classes

These classes are designed to allow dancers the opportunity to take classes who cannot on a regular basis or get some extra training and fine tune their skills! There is no registration required for these classes.

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2019-2020 Dance Season

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